SUSAN FISHMAN has 24 years of professional writing experience, creating stories and content for award-winning publications and national and international organizations, such as Turner Broadcasting, the March of Dimes, The Ritz-Carlton and more. Her work has been featured in THE WASHINGTON POST, THE HUFFINGTON POST and on numerous other national sites.

Susan has tackled a variety of subjects over the years, but her main area of focus is health & wellness, particularly as it relates to the family. What she’s discovered is that writing is a lot like raising kids (and, well, life) — at its best when done with intention and spirit — at its worst, calling for bravery and humor. What she’s come to understand about reaching others through words was best said by Nathaniel Hawthorne …

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”

But she does it anyway.

Susan is also currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at Georgia State University. She plans to use her degree to further her writing and commitment to helping families live well.

Susan lives in Atlanta, GA with her two children, two cats, one dog and one husband.


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