5 Simple Steps for Allergy Relief (that you may have forgotten)

I never had allergies before last year, and even though I used to write a LOT about managing allergy symptoms for Schering-Plough, I was still sidelined by just how debilitating they can be. My son and I have been suffering for so long this spring, we both developed sinus infections. And even though we’ve managed to make it through with some o-t-c allergy medication, there are some simple things I forgot about (in the itchy, watery, sneezy fog — eewww), that could really make a difference.

Thought I would share them with you fellow allergy sufferers (so sorry) in case you’ve overlooked them this year, too:

  • Wear hats and pollen masks if you have to be outdoors for any length of time (especially on warm, dry and windy days).
  • Avoid hair gel and other hair products that can act as “pollen magnets.”
  • Change clothes before entering your bedroom; splash your face and gently wash your eyelids with water; and shampoo your hair in the evening.
  • Avoid touching your eyes and face, and use cool eye compresses to help reduce eye allergy symptoms.
  • Get plenty of water, and get to bed early to fight the fatigue that often comes with allergies (and the decongestants that can dry you out).