Private Tutoring from a Published Author

With a B.A. in English, 22 years of professional writing experience and a passion for seeing kids succeed through strong communication, healthy expression and self-motivation, Susan Fishman offers private tutoring for children at all grade levels.



Writing is an essential skill that will benefit your child for the rest of his or her life. According to the Institute of Education Sciences, writing is important for elementary students’ continued learning in all academic areas, communication and self-expression. It develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, builds confidence, teaches about planning and organizing, and provides a therapeutic outlet with a means to cope, discover identity and work through real-life conflicts.

Learning these skills, and developing a lifelong love of writing, can never start too early (or too late). Whether your child is struggling with a college application essay or just needs some assistance with basic grammar and composition, Susan can help him or her hone some simple skills that will lay the foundation for a strong understanding of, and appreciation for, the written word — an understanding that your child will carry through not just school and career, but all aspects of life.

Areas of focus include:

  • Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • English Composition
  • Research and Essay Writing
  • College Essay Prep


Contact Susan to discuss your child’s specific needs.



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