Twist on the Tomato for Your Salty Tooth (Adult & Kid Versions)

Is there a more perfect fruit than a tomato? Well, maybe, but I can’t think of one. Probably because I prefer salty over sweet, so when it comes to a quick snack that’s as satisfying as it is healthy, this fruit (disguised as a veggie in cooking) is hard to beat. A drizzle of olive oil and some big chunks of sea salt on a nice ripe, rich tomato — it’s almost better than a handful of chips for me. But even better, throw on some good blue cheese and now, really, it’s just about the perfect snack.



Now a slice of tomato is not exactly my kids’ idea of a great snack (or a snack at all), much less with blue cheese, so I had Riley come up with her own twist …

Shredded mozzarella … Voila!  NOW it makes sense.


We used some kumatos* from Trader Joes, which were incredibly flavorful — a good ripe tomato makes all the difference. And lucky for you, ‘tis the season for tomatoes so you can find some nice rich ones out there.

This mozzarella idea led to what seemed like an even better (kid-friendly and kid-sized) idea …



We hacked off the top and bottom of a grape tomato, threw on some mozzarella “hair,” and cut two wide slits for the eyes (diced black olives).

2014-06-04 08.11.45-2

2014-06-04 08.12.40

Don’t forget a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt to seal the deal.

2014-06-04 08.13.5820140603_184613

Roman wasn’t too sure about “Tomato-Man.”

2014-06-04 08.14.58

But Riley and her friends gobbled him up.

2014-06-03 21.26.24

* The colour of Kumato® tomatoes varies from dark brown to golden green. This is its natural appearance. Although they may look as if they are unripe and they will be bitter to the taste, this family of tomatoes has an authentic and intense flavour. 
They are sweeter than normal tomatoes, with a contrasting slightly sour note, which makes for a unique and clearly defined taste sensation. Furthermore, Kumato® tomatoes are very juicy and firm in texture, which means they are an excellent choice when preparing delicious salads and many tomato-based recipes. From